Author Topic: Puntledge River Paddling Mecca anounced  (Read 711 times)


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Puntledge River Paddling Mecca anounced
« on: April 29, 2011, 06:52:58 AM »
BCHydro officially beat the Canucks on Tuesday with the news that the Puntledge River will have releases most weekends in May.  THE RELEASES START THIS WEEKEND ( April 30th/May 1rst)  . The dam will be releasing 85 to 110 CMS, which are the perrrrrfect flows for this incredible play and big water creek run. 

The releases will also occur on:

May 14-15,
May 21-23,
During the 2011 Puntledge River Paddle Festival on May 28-29, with tailored flows of 65 cms Sat am, 85 cms Sat pm, then 85 cms Sun am and 110 cms Sun pm and
 June 4-5.

The Puntledge River Festival at the end of May will have everything; camping, shuttles, nice weather(cross fingers),massage, food, prizes, new paddle porn, party , and check out the details at: