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Why join the VKC?
« on: March 17, 2008, 08:53:40 PM »
Why should I join the VKC?

What better way is there to meet like minded people than through an organization that promotes your interests?

Gives you 24/7 access to other paddlers plans and allows you to easily coordinate your own trips.

The VKC offers a trip schedule that runs for 6 months of the year.

For beginners: continuing training sessions, a series of easier trips and people to paddle with.

For paddlers new to our area: trips on new rivers and people to paddle with.

For old-timers who's buddies don't get out much anymore (high maintenance kids, jobs, SO): always some trips to go on, meet new people from all over the planet (and did I say: people to paddle with?)

What do I get for my membership money?

The club subsidies courses every year, First-Aid, Swift water rescue but not limited to, as long as they are seen to benefit its members.

The club organizes a beginner’s course aimed at new paddlers with the goal of introducing them to white water and promoting the many benefits of the sport.

The club provides liability insurance for its members through its affiliation to larger bodies.

The club generally pays for the camping fees on at least two of its organized trips every year.

The club organizes several social events in the calendar year. BBQ’s,film nights and membership events.

The club produces a quarterly magazine. It is produced by its members for its members. It contains many educational tips to help enhance your paddling. It gives you the opportunity to read about trips by members to destinations a little further a field, allowing you to share in many of their experiences.

The club obtains reduced rates for other paddling magazines.

How does the club spend my money?

The club supports many conservation and access issues through donation and assistance.

The club has provided donations for river gauges and maintains the “Cap Cam” through collaborations.

The club has recently decided to donate to the “Mamquam access program” this will directly benefit many local organizations not just the paddling community.

The club is a member of the American Whitewater who’s work continues to support the preservation and protection of North America’s Whitewater resources.

VKC $$$ at work!

VKC Treasurer
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Re: Why join the VKC?
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HI Scott, hmmm, me thinks I picked your letter out of our 'returned' pile... I've sent you a new one now...
Please send an email to and Farzana can straighten it out...

Another WHY Join the Club reason:
Access to Upper Seymour run - only folks (and guests of folks) on the club list held by the park rangers at the gate can access this run!
A great run, once the snow melts...


Admin update: The new membership e-mail address is
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