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Instructor Program

If you're like me, I bet you talk about kayaking a lot with your non-paddling friends. And if you're like me, I'll bet some of them have said "I'd like to give that a try sometime." Sometime... That's the key. We'd really like those friends to take up the sport and join us on our weekend adventures. But it will never happen if it's always sometime. Let's get them into a course ... or better yet, teach them yourself.

There are obvious barriers to entry for this sport. But do you think that if your friend could borrow some gear and you could safely teach them -- do you think they might stand a chance of becoming a paddler?

We'll now's your chance to learn how to safely teach kayaking. The VKC is putting together an instructor training program. It's not going to be difficult if you're already a competent paddler, and at the end you'll get your NCCP 1 / CKBC instructor designation. And the VKC will pay for a large part of it.

Here's the program

  1. Sign up to become an assistant coach for at least 3 beginner classes.
    • They're on Sunday nights and there's plenty of time to get there after a day's paddling.
    • Choose 3 consecutive ones, once a month, or at whatever pace you prefer
    • You can watch the students, give pointers, and take some time to play around in the pool a bit
  2. Practice the techniques
    • Just get together with the other paddlers, on the river if you want, and practice.
    • Ok I know you're a rock-star paddler, but you should see if you can spot lazy habits in others, and work on your own.
  3. Get certified
    • When you're ready we'll set up the certification
    • Demonstrate your mad skills and get the paper to prove it
    • The club will pay for half of the certification fee

Why become an instructor?

  • Become a better paddler - through the program you get a good deal of instruction for yourself. Plus, when you teach others you learn a lot yourself.
  • Help out your club - we're trying to promote the sport and the conservation of our rivers. The more people we introduce to the sport, the easier our job is.
  • Share your passion - it's addictive
  • Get liability insurance - it's not something we like to think about, but if something bad does happen to someone you're trying to teach, you're liable. If you're certified through the club, you are likely to be covered.


The instructor certification starts in January. You can sign up to be an assistant coach as early as Nov 29.

Sign Up

Check the Beginner Course Schedule and email VKC Training with your selections.

VKC Club Trip Leader Certification

The club needs you to help run fun and safe trips. Trip leaders will soon need to be certified by our parent organization the CKBC. It's not tough to get this certification, but it will sure help. Please contact VKC Training

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